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The Mysteries

All works within the Order share these four essential elements:

The Black Flame is the central source of the Order. Every Knight or Dame of the Trapezoid is an Initiate of the Left Hand Path. That is, every Knight of Dame is engaged in self-directed self-deification through liberating antinomianism. The Black Flame is the dark source and inspiration of the individual’s own psyche as a unique self-evolving deity; a kindred spirit of the Prince of Darkness.

The Grail Quest is the central activity of the Order. Each Knight must find his or her own path of Becoming, and swear to its realization via the Oath of the Order. The Grail is the ultimate truth of one’s ultimate endeavor; it is a truth which is ever sought but never found. Yet there are ways to partake of that which cannot be fully grasped—the keys can be found in the act of Seeking itself.

The Trapezoid is the central Mystery of the Order. Rûna—the essence of Mysteries—is represented by its ultimate example. The trapezoid functions as a link between objective and subjective realities, just as it beckons its Initiates to explore worlds where the arrow of time no longer points in a single direction. The trapezoid is a two-dimensional representation of a three-dimensional shadow of facets of existence known and explored by only a few. It is a prism and a gate; most importantly, it is a Mystery.

Walhalla is the vital state of Becoming within the Order. Walhalla—the Hall of the Fallen where great heroes live in a highly dynamic state beyond death—describes a qualitatively distinct state of self-transformation that transcends the notion of change through time.

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