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The Methods

The Order as a whole is led by a Grandmaster, a spiritual monarch charged with overseeing the Order according to his or her own vision. The Grandmaster is a Master of the Trapezoid, appointed by a previous Grandmaster to lead the Order subject to the confirmation of the Knighthood. (The Grandmaster, per the bylaws of the Temple of Set, must be a Magister Templi (IVº+) in the Temple as well).

The Trihedron is the inner council of advisors. From these Knights the Grandmaster receives advice, and to them the Grandmaster delegates certain duties of his or her office. In addition to the Trihedron, the Grandmaster is also advised by previous Grandmasters and by other Masters of the Trapezoid.

The Houses of the Order are autonomous schools for specialized training in trapezoidal Initiation, chartered by the Grandmaster and led by a Master of the Order. They are not geographically local, and their activity may extend beyond the Order and/or the Temple.

Lodges are geographically-localized groups within the Order of the Trapezoid. They are led by Lodgemasters who are Knights of the Trapezoid, and conduct their internal operations according to their own criteria, tastes, and interests. Only one Lodge, Munsalvasche, is not geographically localized; the Munsalvasche Lodge is the banner representing Knights Errant of the Order of the Trapezoid.

The Order of the Trapezoid is an Order of leaders. It is up to the individual Knight to affiliate with a Lodge or a House, or to conduct his or her affairs solely according to the Knight’s own will, as personal needs and interests dictate. The majority of the Knighthood pursue their Work and Quest without any affiliation beyond that of the Order itself and the Munsalvasche Lodge. The Order recognizes the individual Knight as the highest authority for his or her own Initiation.

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